Dog got hit by a car!!!!! They told me just help him… He had been lying for hours in the snow, not moving! The woman who called me saw that the blow was so violent that the dog rolled 10-20 meters across the asphalt! The driver kept driving, not stopping! She thought he was dead! And after a while, he was able to crawl and lie down where you can see in the video! The dog has been put in a car and we are on our way to the vet….

After a vet x-ray! It’s not a backbone after all! The result is a thigh injury! We can listen to his pain and suffering! Which is why I am going to ask you for something to help! No matter where and to whom you stare, never let go or turn your head away from an injured animal! Thank you! He will have to undergo surgery due to a hip injury! His name is Obi.

Day 20: We made it! He has had surgery and is recovering. The witness said … – When the car hit him, he flew 10 meters and rolled on the asphalt! Our reaction followed! A serious injury was found during the exam! The surgery was organized. And there he got a chance for a new life! I have a feeling he will use it! I can see it in his eyes! No more grief in them! no pain! Just pride! And that proud attitude and dog! And I want to ask the good people who have the means to help pay for the veterinary costs of the surgery and accommodation! Thanks a lot if you are able to! Because we have to move on…

More dogs are waiting, waiting for their chance at life! Day 30: Preparing for a new life We went to the vet for a check up! And everything is going as it should! The dog uses his injured leg! The good big dog who was seriously injured by a car! Unfortunately I have to say something which is the truth! Maybe this accident saved his life? If he hadn’t, he might have remained just one of the thousands of street dogs who go unnoticed! Who will never feel the warmth of home! And one in a thousand will not see tomorrow.

Help them when you see them on the street! Feed them anyway! Give them water! But apart from that, give them a chance to have a warm home! Day 90: Opie is now a happy dog! Big fan of Everton! He forgot all the traumas of his life. He lives a happy life in England in full love with his new family and his father. Thank you to the wonderful people who took him into their lives! Thanks to all the people who participated in this story!

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