This is a story of a little puppy named Chotu who was brought to us in severe pain and with a slim chance of survival. The boy who found him said that he heard crying voice in a bin trash, but he wasn’t sure who did that to this little puppy. When Chotu arrived at our clinic, we could see the pain in his eyes, and we knew that we had to act fast to save him.

Due to the extreme pain, we had to give Chotu an injection to make him fall asleep while doing the blood test. We also had to put him on a respirator to help him breathe. After an overall check, the vet found out that Chotu’s jaw and spine suffered injuries that were filled with pus and Mangoworm. Mangoworm is a type of parasite that infects animals and can cause severe pain, infection, and even death.

Chotu had to undergo surgery to remove the pus and the Mangoworm. The first pus removal made him unconscious, which made it easier to clean him a little bit. But when he woke up, Chotu kept crying due to the pain. We offered him some painkillers to calm him down, but it wasn’t easy to see him in such agony.

Chotu had to stay in the clinic for seven days in continuous treatment. We monitored his condition closely, and slowly but surely, he started to get better. He was able to eat by himself, and his wounds started to heal. We could see hope in his eyes, and we knew that he had the strength to overcome this ordeal.

A month later, the difference was remarkable. Chotu had gained weight and had become a playful, happy puppy. He was now running around and playing with his toys, and his eyes were bright with joy. We had saved Chotu’s life, and we were grateful for the opportunity to witness his transformation.

It’s heartbreaking to think that someone could hurt a little puppy like Chotu, but we are glad that we could make a difference in his life. Chotu is a testament to the resilience of animals and the power of hope. We hope that his story inspires others to help animals in need and to believe in the power of love and compassion.

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