The Little Dog is Wet and Lying on the Road, He is Very Weak and Needs Help but Everyone Ignores

This dog was left alone on the side of the road. Everyone looked down on her and was ignored by the people who rushed over to her and pretended not to see her. Perhaps she was invisible in the middle of the chaotic street. There was a dog lover who noticed her. They tried everything to save her. Her health was in critical condition, so they called us to the rescue. Time did not stop passing.

The girl seems to be counting the last few heartbeats for herself. I almost gave up hope, we got to this site 15 minutes after receiving the report. We saw her wet and shivering from the cold. Hundreds of ticks were eating her alive.

Her body was almost lifeless and she did not have the strength to raise her small head as soon as we approached her. Looking at her made us all sad. She was just a puppy that humans had left alone for too long, and she would die without intervention.

The severity of the neglect had dire consequences. But luckily we are here for this cute girl who deserves a chance to survive. At that time, I already felt warm. She was given medication and was stable in the isolation room. After an emotional rollercoaster ride, Nala miraculously passed.

She became a healthy and beautiful baby. She made the lives of everyone around her happier. At the time, we only had one wish for Nala to find a forever family. I hoped everyone would fulfill her dream of unconditional love.

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