Marvin was accidentally discovered by us lying in a corner of the sidewalk Many people passed by but no one paid attention to the poor boy He had a neurological problem which caused his body to become paralyzed, his limbs were stiff and unable to move The boy sometimes had a seizure, he suffered a lot of pain for a long time We felt sorry for him, we immediately checked his situation He was breathing hard, his eyes were glazed, his condition was very dangerous , so we had to immediately take him to the hospital.

I checked several times on the way to the hospital to make sure he was breathing Marvin was able to move a bit but he still had seizures So he couldn’t eat anything even though he was so hungry we were so worried about him Uncontrollable seizures caused he accidentally hurt himself Even though he was given a sedative, it didn’t work.

Marvin’s condition was so unpredictable, no one could say how it would turn out, I could only pray softly that he would be at peace. I cried a lot, but I still believe he can pass. After a period of intensive treatment, his health improved. to take a shower and enjoyed it He managed to get a good night’s sleep after many days of suffering on the street Marvin was once again in a dangerous situation due to worsening seizures

The boy received acupuncture and the doctor discovered that one of his eyes was unresponsive as a result, the doctor discovered that Marvin had viral encephalitis, which broke my heart. had high hopes, I believed Marvin was a strong warrior, he would definitely do this. A week later, a miracle happened to Marvin, Marvin’s mental illness took a positive turn.

Although the change was not big, it was still a good sign He was well taken care of, his docility and coordination satisfied the doctors The seizures were still affecting his life, but he was much better than before His healing journey was still long, no matter how difficult it was, I was determined to keep up with him He was a smart and friendly dog, he deserved to live a full life After the efforts day and night, Marvin had picked the sweet fruit

He was able to walk steadily, stand on a chair without support His health clearly improved, even his face became more radiant He was healthy enough to start a new journey, free to explore the outside world The seizures stopped haunting him , which made him very happy No one would have realized that Marvin was once a stray dog He changed for the better which I am very proud of, he really did the impossible

He successfully overcame his illness and started living his dream life I thought his strength and courage inspired me and the man and others I hoped Marvin would always be healthy and live a happy life.

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