The dog was crawling in the middle of the street with an accusing face, but then it suddenly got up and stood at home on four legs as if nothing happened.

A dog is crawling down the street with a very pitiful face. Anyone looking at it would think that the dog might have polio, or was injured somewhere so it could not return to normal.

chú chó
Poor dog crawling in the middle of the road (video screenshot).

After that, the dog suddenly got up and walked normally, wagging its tail to show happiness when tricking the worried owner.

chú chó 1

The dog gets up and walks normally (video screenshot).

After the video was posted, many netizens commented humorously:

“So cute, good acting.”
“Let’s go to be an actor, dog”.
“It must have been an itchy stomach that’s why it dragged.”

We invite you to watch the video:


One day, as I was driving down the street, I witnessed something that left me speechless. In the middle of the road, there was a dog hobbling along with a severe limp. It was a pitiful sight to see. I immediately pulled over and approached the dog to see if I could help.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the dog’s hind leg was completely paralyzed. It was dragging behind him, making it nearly impossible for him to walk properly. Despite this, the dog appeared to be in good spirits, wagging his tail and panting happily.

I quickly realized that the dog had no owner, as there was no one nearby to claim him. I knew that I had to do something to help him. So, I picked him up and took him to the nearest veterinary clinic.

The vet examined the dog and informed me that he had a serious spinal injury, and that his leg would need to be amputated. I was heartbroken to hear this news, but I knew it was the best thing for the dog’s health and well-being.

After the surgery, the dog began his road to recovery. He was fitted with a prosthetic leg and given physical therapy to help him adjust to his new way of walking. It was a long and challenging journey, but the dog remained determined and resilient throughout it all.

Eventually, the dog made a full recovery and was ready for adoption. I knew that I couldn’t let him go, so I decided to take him home with me. He quickly became a beloved member of our family, and we named him Limp.

Limp may not be able to run as fast or jump as high as other dogs, but he has a heart of gold and a spirit that inspires us every day. Whenever we see him hobbling along on his three legs, we are reminded of his incredible strength and courage in the face of adversity. Limp has taught us that even when life gets tough, we can always find a way to keep moving forward.

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