Fighting for alive… Amazing transformation!

That are two poor puppies who was left alone without their mother in critical condition. When he arrived, the little nugget was cold to the touch, super thin and very dehydrated. He’s hanging out in the incubator warming up, we gave him warmed sub Q fluids, and after his body temperature rose a little bit.

We were able to get 3 cc of formula in him. He’s a little itty-bitty thing, weighing only a couple of ounces, his mom is a Chihuahua. Everyone, please welcome little “Butterbean” with all of your positive thoughts and prayers… Day 2: Earlier today we lost Butterbean! We tried so hard, but sometimes it’s just too late.

He was with us for just about 20 hours, but in that short time he received so much love. Lima Bean is slightly larger than her brothers and we’re hoping that this will be the key to her survival! She is our inspiration…. this little girl is still fighting with everything she has, and we are determined to fight right alongside her.

Our broken hearts are full! we love you little Lima Bean, we are right here and we’re going to do this together. Be strong, baby girl, we can do this! Day 3: Lima Bean is officially out of the woods! With each meal she’s getting stronger and eating more and more, her body temperature has remain stable for the past 36 hours, she’s gained weight, now weighing in at 6 ozs, and she’s starting to act like a real puppy! Now that she is starting to thrive, it’s time for a spa treatment! Never ever ever give up! Ever.

Day 5: Lima Bean appears to be very comfortable in her new accommodations! This is how we found when we went to wake her for her 6:30AM bottle! So many ways to help our rescue…. Day 6: LIMA BEAN dreams! Wonder what she’s dreaming about…. What we do know is that she is warm and snuggly in her heated habitat, which reminded me to add heating elements to our puppy wish list, they don’t last forever, and we recently had to purge quite a few that weren’t operating properly.

Day 10: So proud of this little girl, chugging like a little sorority girl at her first college party! We love you, Lima Bean! Day 15: It’s spa day for Lima Bean!

Day 25: Lima Bean! Look how beautiful she is growing up to be! Day 28: Lima Bean has kicked the bottle habit! Here she is enjoying her very first The Farmer’s Dog smoothie ! Day 30: Today was career day at Hawthorne Elementary School PTA, and their guest of honor was little Lima Bean! Day 32: Sweet dream! Lima Bean! Day 48: Lima Bean isn’t bothered by a little rain…

She’s perfectly content chilling out in her own private play room! Day 50: Little Lima Bean has a new favorite toy…! Puppies of all ages (and sizes) really love navigating the play tunnels Lima Bean are ready for adopt to new happy family.

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