The story of Nyssa is a testament to the strength and resilience of rescue animals. Nyssa was one of several puppies living in deplorable conditions, amongst filth and mud. Despite being “owned” by a person who refused to let them go, these puppies were struggling to survive.

When Patricia, a rescue warrior, was contacted about a paralyzed puppy, she went to investigate. The little boy who contacted her took her to the owner of the puppies, but the owner was hostile and pushed the camera out of Patricia’s hands. Despite this setback, Patricia was able to rescue the paralyzed puppy, who was later named Nyssa.

Nyssa’s courage and perseverance is why Patricia chose to work with underdogs. Nyssa’s situation could have been avoided if her owner had taken proper care of her, but despite her hardships, she remained determined to be happy. Nyssa’s siblings were eventually rescued as well, and the family of five puppies were all given proper care and love.

Six months later, Nyssa was adopted and now spends her days with her momma, Elizabeth, and two fur siblings, living the best life ever. The story of Nyssa serves as a reminder that rescue animals are not broken, but simply have experienced more life than other animals. With proper care and love, they can go on to live happy and fulfilling lives. Thanks to the efforts of Patricia and others like her, Nyssa and her siblings were able to overcome their difficult beginnings and find the happiness they deserve.

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