The residents of Blitar are in an uproar!! The woman found the giant python under the bridge

The discovery of a massive python under a bridge in Blitar has caused quite a stir among the local residents. The incident, which took place recently, has garnered attention from both locals and people across the internet.

The woman who stumbled upon the giant python was on her way home when she noticed something moving under the bridge. Curious, she decided to investigate and was shocked to discover the massive reptile. The python was estimated to be several meters long and was coiled up under the bridge, possibly seeking shelter from the scorching sun.

The news of the python’s discovery quickly spread, and people began to flock to the site to catch a glimpse of the enormous snake. Videos and images of the python were shared on social media, quickly going viral and causing a sensation online.

While pythons are not uncommon in this part of the world, the sheer size of the snake is what has caused the excitement among the locals. Pythons are known to be solitary creatures and typically avoid human contact, but encountering one can still be a scary experience, especially when they are as large as this one.

The local authorities were immediately informed of the python’s presence, and a team was dispatched to relocate the reptile to a safer location. The process was carried out with great care and caution to ensure the safety of both the python and the humans involved.

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