It is not known when the close bond between humans and dogs was formed, only knowing that these meaningful and touching stories of friendship from the same species have persisted through the ages.

And you know, the “rule” of dog friendship is so simple but so precious, that for humans, they are just a part of their life, but for a four-legged friend, people Owner is life.

The story, published by a social networking site of a group specializing in animal rescue in Saigon, has brought to netizens a combination of intense emotions: anger at the betrayal on the part of people, and pity for the heart. faithful like one of a dog. The story is told as follows:

“A lot of friends asked the group about the story of Kiki, the poor loyal dog that the group once saved. The group asked for permission to tell this story even though Kiki (Chuck Hy) passed away more than a month ago.

Kiki was born as a beautiful, expensive dog, and was adopted by a well-to-do family. I thought Kiki would have a happy and loving life until the end of her life, but luck did not smile on her.

Kiki was very pretty when she was a child, plump and plump, with thick brown hair, often running around the neighborhood playing with her friends. Kiki’s face is a bit fierce but he is very friendly, whoever calls Kiki also wags his tail and runs over. Everyone nearby loved and fed Kiki. Those were also Kiki’s happiest days. Perhaps at that time Kiki’s eyes always shone with happiness…

Kiki kiên nhẫn nằm đợi trước ngôi nhà từng là mái ấm của mình... (Ảnh: Facebook)

Kiki patiently waited in front of the house that used to be his home…

Until one day, Kiki contracted Demodex skin disease. That’s when Kiki’s life completely changed. Kiki was kicked out into the street. And born as a dog, Kiki is endowed with a quality that not everyone who is HUMAN has: loyalty. Kiki still seems to keep a hope for himself, Kiki is still waiting every day, still just hanging around the old owner’s house. Hungry, wandering around looking for food, crept into the dust to sleep at night.

Kiki khi vừa được nhóm cứu hộ mang về chữa trị. (Ảnh: Facebook)

Kiki when he was just brought back to be treated by the rescue team

Chân bị hoại tử nghiêm trọng... (Ảnh: Facebook)

Severe necrosis of the leg

... và bị lở loét, nhiễm trùng khắp người. (Ảnh: Facebook)

and sores, infections all over the body.

The most remarkable thing is that every day, I still patiently lie in front of the door waiting. Those unscrupulous owners, every time they see her, kick or kick her with a stick, so that their feet are necrotic and full of pus-filled wounds. So I dragged myself out to the opposite grove to wait and wait for the owner to continue.

The kind neighbors who saw this spoke up, and the answer was not too difficult to guess: ‘That’s not this dog!’.

Kiki’s so bad, take it home, it’s tired, and it’s quiet. When the group caressed, talked to comfort and comfort, she still tried to wag her tail happily. Kiki is still a loving boy, and wants to be loved a lot.

Dù đã cố gắng hết sức để cứu chữa cho Kiki tội nghiệp, nhóm cứu hộ không thể chiến thắng lưỡi hái tử thần. (Ảnh: Facebook)

Despite their best efforts to save poor Kiki, the rescue team could not defeat the death scythe

Đến những giây phút cuối đời, Kiki vẫn mong ngóng những người chủ đã nhẫn tâm hắt hủi em. (Ảnh: Facebook)

Until the last moments of her life, Kiki still looked forward to the owners who had cruelly rejected her.

When he returned to the group, Kiki was very weak due to Demodex disease worsening, an open wound necrotic from being beaten, puffy eyelids covering all eyes, severe heart failure, acute infection, acute anemia, blood volume in the baby’s body. only half left. Her two eye sockets are empty, there are no more irises, yet she still sniffs and waits for her owner every day.

Những thành viên của đội cứu trợ cẩn thận lau rửa cho Kiki. (Ảnh: Facebook)

The members of the relief team carefully cleaned Kiki.

Và cầu siêu cho chú chó bất hạnh. (Ảnh: Facebook)

And pray for the unfortunate dog

Họ đã mai táng Kiki như một con người thực thụ. (Ảnh: Facebook)

They buried Kiki like a real person.

Kiki returned to the group 4 days before he died. I didn’t make it. There are no words to describe the moment of witnessing that pain. The group cried for me and a lot of people cried for me. A small dog, but has moved a lot of people’s hearts with love and loyalty that few people have.

Rồi nhóm cứu hộ đưa Kiki đến nơi an nghỉ cuối cùng. (Ảnh: Facebook)

After much physical and mental pain, little Kiki finally had a peaceful sleep.

Thank you Kiki! You showed the group that the way they went was the right way – to lead lives of loyalty, love to people, but lack of luck!”

The story ends, but surely everyone’s heart becomes heavy, because of a certain feeling, even though this is not their story. Netizens used to tear their eyes up because of positive stories such as “dogs don’t criticize poor owners” in real life, dogs defying danger to save their owners, etc., and now they are sad because the dog is being treated. money but still a loyalty to the owner.

Kiki has fulfilled his duty, even very well, the role of a true friend: loyal, not resentful, not abandoning his master no matter how they treat him. And perhaps, human – the most advanced animal on the planet, may not be able to do what this little dog did.

As the end of this story, the above rescue group thanked the unfortunate little dog for helping the group more firmly believe in the path of helping people and helping lives that they had chosen. The story and the passing of little Kiki really mean a lot to many people, because thanks to her, the relief team has the strength to do good things. Thanks to you, people understand the concept of “loyalty” and “friendship” better than ever. And thanks to you, this world is a little less dark, a little cold, cruel…

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