Bong Gon is a nearly one-year-old dog with white fur that Dai Ngoc Yen, 30, gave to her son Le Thanh Huy (whose name is Bear at home). When he first returned, Bong Gon was more than a month old, weighing half a kilogram. Bear calls himself “big brother” and calls the little dog “younger brother” as a member of the family.

Ms. Ngoc Yen loves cats and dogs, but because the hostel is narrow, this is the first time the family has a pet. Living with her family for more than a month, Ms. Yen noticed that Bong Gon was very smart, never went to the toilet in the house and understood, whoever scolded her bowed her head sadly.

One day, the dog was hit by a car, paralyzed on both hind legs. Although determined to take care of a disabled dog, Yen still wants to try her child’s heart. She joked: “I will ask another healthy dog to run and play with me”. But Bear said: “If you don’t go, you can hang out with your children.”

Because she can’t go to the toilet by herself, Yen buys baby diapers for Bong Gon to use, about 3 pieces a day. Many times the dog went to the toilet to go to the floor, even though the two Bears were afraid of being dirty, he still cleaned up and washed towels for him instead of his mother. Every time the Bear drinks milk, half is left. The boy automatically poured it into the bowl and brought it up to him to drink. Whatever you eat, leave it to me. In addition to rice soup, Bong Gon also likes to eat fruit, stir-fry… not criticizing anything. At noon, the two brothers often slept on the floor hugging each other.

Every time he heard that many dogs were stolen for food, Bear often told his mother: “You are family members, how can you eat. Losing them must be very sad.”

Seeing that the dog would scratch his leg every time he went out to play, Bear asked his father to make a wheelchair out of water pipes. Each time it was used, the dog bounced back, dragging the car away.

At the beginning of June, Yen surfed Facebook and knew that Anh Thu, the founder, called for money to make wheelchairs and prostheses for disabled pets, so she tried to contact her.

After mobilizing funds from the community, Ms. Thu made a wheelchair for the dog. Given a wheelchair, Bear immediately took the bike and raced with the dog. And Yen burst into tears when she saw that her son was happy because he had fulfilled his long-time wish.

Ms. Anh Thu shared that although Bear’s house is only a small inn, the mother and daughter are very dedicated to taking care of Bong Gon. “Bear called the dog ‘Gong’, calling him like a brother in the family. I feel that Bear is a kind, kind, responsible boy with the pet he is raising,” said Ms. Thu.

Since then, every afternoon when I come home from work with my mother, Bear also puts me in a wheelchair to go around in the neighborhood. The boy also saw that Bong Gon’s hind legs began to feel, standing on his own for a few seconds. Bear asked his mother, “Will I ever be able to walk again, Mom?” So every day after playing, my brother also massaged and massaged his special brother’s feet.

“I am very happy that my son knows how to love and have affection for pets. It is even more fun when he sees a disabled dog who is no longer as healthy and beautiful as before but still decides to take care of them.”

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