The footage showcases the bewildering sea creature wriggling in the fisherman’s hands.

The fish in the video belongs to the family of Gurnards, which are known for their distinctive armored heads and spines. However, the fish caught by the angler in the video had an unusual dragon-like head that caught everyone’s attention.

The fisherman, who was initially stunned by the unusual appearance of the fish, captured the footage and later shared it on social media, which garnered a lot of attention from the viewers worldwide.

The dragon-like fish has distinctive features such as a long snout, sharp teeth, and a bony crest, which gives it a striking resemblance to the mythical creature “Dragon.” The fish has a unique ability to flare its bony crest, which makes it appear even more like a dragon.

The angler caught the dragon fish off the coast of Thailand, where Gurnards are known to thrive. Gurnards are bottom-dwelling fish and are found in temperate and tropical waters worldwide.

The video has created a buzz among the fishing community and animal enthusiasts, who are curious to know more about this unusual creature. The unique features of this fish make it a subject of interest for marine biologists and researchers.

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