Maverick is a stunning Golden Retriever puppy from Florida who was adopted by Joey Maxwell and his wife eight years ago when he was in a shelter and was about to be put to death. Since that time, Maverick and the Maxwells have developed a stronger emotional connection. in an unthinkable manner. Maverick is not in the greatest of health right now, but he is content to share his suffering with the people he loves the most.

Maverick’s past is not the most pleasant—his previous owners abandoned him in a forest when he was just a puppy—but despite this, the dog has always displayed a spirit that is full of light, strength, and optimism toward life.

Maxwell declared:

I had been living alone in the wilderness for almost three months.

“He was completely skin and bones when we acquired him, but he was amazing. We immediately sensed his devotion for us and knew he would become our dog. Since then, we’ve been with him, and it’s been wonderful.”

Maverick had a lymphoma diagnosis two years prior. Fortunately, his family made the decision to deal with the awful illness, and the dog started his necessary chemotherapies. Despite the worst of circumstances, he continued to be the same angel as always.

Maverick showed notable gains soon after the therapy began. Unfortunately, the cancer came back two months ago, and his family has been fighting nonstop to support him ever since.

“We experienced a catastrophe a week ago. He was unable to walk when we woke up in the morning.

He could hardly raise his head since he was born on the ground. He didn’t feel like eating or drinking. He was trembling.

Maverick was diagnosed with anemia and fever at the veterinarian’s office, where Maxwell took him without a second’s hesitation. Before going back home, Maverick spent two days in the care of the veterinarian.

Maverick was severely physically weakened when he arrived to his house, but his spiritual power remained unwavering. This dog did not put his delight aside, even though they appeared to be his final days.

If so, we came to the conclusion that the depression brought on by everyone in the house sobbing for him is the last thing he will experience. We wanted him to get attention by doing what he enjoys doing the most, which is being outside. He enjoys receiving love.

I had made up my mind to take the dog outside, go for a walk, and buy a cheeseburger and some ice cream.

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