My heart was utterly shattered when I laid eyes on Tom for the first time. He was tied up to a wall, shivering in the rain, completely emaciated. As I approached him, I noticed another puppy nearby, also emaciated and in dire condition. And then, the smallest of them all, who seemed to have been abandoned alongside Tom and the other puppy. It was evident that they hadn’t had anything to eat for quite some time. Their tiny eyes were pleading for help, and I couldn’t fathom how someone could abandon such innocent creatures.

All three of them were of different ages, clearly not from the same litter. Tom was in the worst condition, exhausted and nothing but skin and bones, trembling from the cold rain. The other puppy, Lak, was in slightly better shape as he had managed to find shelter and avoid getting wet. I quickly took them in, dried them off, and spoke to them in soothing tones to calm them down. Despite their ordeal, all three of them displayed remarkable behavior and manners, tugging at my heartstrings even more.

We suspected that they had come from a puppy factory and had been callously dumped when they were no longer deemed profitable. Tom’s story went viral on our social media platform, and he was fortunately adopted into a loving home in no time. However, Lak and Rik, the smallest of the three, still needed special care. They stayed with us for a week, as they struggled to eat properly and needed support with bottle feeding.

The response we received for Rik, in particular, was overwhelming, with more than 25 adoption requests pouring in. However, the vet advised us that Rik needed further monitoring due to his weakened state. We were determined to provide him with the best care possible and ensure he fully recovered before finding him a forever home filled with love and care.

The journey to nurse these abandoned puppies back to health has been challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. Witnessing their resilience and seeing them slowly regain their strength has been a heartwarming experience. It’s a reminder of the importance of rescuing and rehabilitating animals in need and the power of compassion and kindness. We are committed to providing Rik, Lak, and all animals in our care with the love, attention, and medical care they deserve, and we eagerly anticipate the day when Rik can join his forever family, where he will be cherished and loved for the rest of his life.

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