Berivan Buğan, a member of the Kars Can Friends Association, said that the murder happened due to the negligence of the drivers.

Bugan said, “Just now there was an accident and a car ran over the puppy. His mother, too, waited helplessly for a few minutes, like a human. As Can Dostları Derneği, we work to protect animals. A unit of the Department of Environment, Nature and Animal Protection (HAYDİ) was established within the agency of the Kars Police Department. The purpose of HAYDİ is to protect animals that are abused or hurt by traffic accidents and to impose criminal sanctions against those who abuse animals. We also work with them. We also work with the National Parks and Nature Reserve. In these cold winter days, animals are starving and need to be spayed. On the other hand, we cooperate with municipal authorities to treat diseases and implement their treatments. Also, as an association, we have animals treated at Kafkas University and private clinics. We have 50 feeding centers downtown and we care for hundreds of animals in these centers. Animals are cared for at Kars Municipality Shelter, but that is not enough. We urge people to be sensitive to animals,” he said.

Chú chó hoang ngồi đợi bên chú cún đã chết - 4

It was a typical day in the neighborhood when a stray dog suddenly appeared, frantically barking and running back and forth on the street. At first, no one paid attention to her, thinking she was just another stray dog looking for food or shelter. However, the persistent barking caught the attention of a few passersby, who soon realized that the dog was trying to communicate something urgent.

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As they got closer, they noticed a small puppy lying on the ground, whimpering in pain. It was clear that the puppy was injured, with a broken leg and a deep cut on his side. The mother dog was desperately trying to get help for her injured pup, barking and whining to anyone who would listen.

One of the concerned neighbors called the animal control, but they were told that it would take some time before they could send someone to help. In the meantime, the mother dog continued to plead for help, never leaving her injured pup’s side. She even tried to nudge her pup, as if trying to wake him up and make him walk again.

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