A college student was heartbroken when she discovered her apartment had burned down – taking her beloved pet, Rebel, with it. However, a few days later, she discovered a miracle.

Kayla was coaching soccer when the apartment fire started. As she was driving home, her stomach fell into a knot. According to Animalkind Stories, Kayla could tell the fire was bad based on the growing smoke cloud in the sky.

She desperately wanted to get back to the apartment to save her dog, her best friend, Rebel. As she parked and saw the flames escaping the building, she feared it was too late.

She said, “By the time I got there, the whole building was up in flames.” Despite that, she begged the firefighters to go to her apartment and try and save her dog. Sadly, she was told it was too late. It wouldn’t be safe for firefighters to enter the building, and there was hardly any chance the dog would still be alive anyway.

Heartbroken, Kayla left and cried for two days straight thinking about her dog. She’d rescued Rebel from the shelter and instantly fell in love with him. They had such a strong bond, she just couldn’t believe he was gone.

Wanting something tangible to remember him by, Kayla went back to the scene of the fire. At that point, the smoke was cleared and she was hoping to be able to go in and find Rebel’s dog tags.

As she stood in front of the burned, crumbling building, she thought her ears were playing tricks on her. Was that a bark she heard?

She explained that she heard the softest, weakest bark – but she was almost certain it was her Rebel. She called the fire department immediately and asked them to go in and check for her dog. Sure enough, he’d survived the fire!

No one is certain how Rebel managed to escape with his life, but somehow he survived and walked away injury-free.

Kayla and Rebel were overjoyed to be reunited. Even though Kayla lost everything else in the apartment fire, she doesn’t care much because the most important thing survived: her best friend.

The two are currently living in dorm housing at the college Kayla attends until they find a more permanent solution.

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