It’s never a good thing when a mother rejects her baby, but for Beau, it gave her the chance to have a phenomenal foster mom: a dog named Max.

Beau, a little lamb on Olivia Jane Akers’ farm, was born to a sheep that wasn’t the best mom. In fact, Beau’s sheep mom ended up rejecting the little lamb and butting her away.

Rejected, Beau likely wouldn’t have survived for long without help. Of course, Olivia wasn’t going to let Beau just die, but she knew the newborn lamb would need a lot of love, care, and food.

Raising a newborn is a lot of work, but thankfully, Olivia didn’t have to do it alone. As soon as Max was introduced to the tiny lamb, she stepped up to play foster mom.

The sweet dog coddled the little lamb and treated her like a puppy.

Olivia shared on TikTok, “It was love at first sight. That was HER baby.”

In a video, she added: “[Beau] protected her, cleaned her, played with her…and most importantly, Max loved her.”

Max stuck by Beau’s side until the lamb grew up until a healthy sheep and joined the other sheep. However, the bond Beau and Max had formed in their time together was too deep. Even though Beau’s grown now, she still loves spending time with Max and they often run and play together.

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