A giant snake approached a little girl in a red dress at an unknown location, as shown in a video posted on the Zee News website on December 12. Rather than avoiding or running away from the snake, the girl calmly played with it as if it were a pet. A clip even shows the girl lying comfortably and laughing on the snake’s body.

The video was shared on Instagram and received nearly 100,000 views, attracting attention from many social media users. Most netizens were surprised by the girl’s attitude towards the giant snake.

“Wow, the girl is amazing. I’m very impressed,” wrote one person. Another netizen commented: “It’s unbelievable! The girl surprised me. How could she be so brave?”

However, some people did not feel comfortable watching the video. One commenter wrote: “By filming this, you put the girl in a dangerous situation. It’s shameful.” “Regardless of anything, a snake is still a snake. It can display its wild nature at any time,” another person wrote.

This video is causing controversy because some people believe that allowing children to interact with a giant snake is very dangerous and unsafe. Children may not recognize the danger of the situation and may be in danger if the snake reacts unexpectedly. Additionally, some people believe that filming the video was reckless and dangerous in itself, as the person who filmed it put the little girl in a dangerous situation to create a viral video.

In some cases, interacting with animals can provide educational and experiential benefits for children, but this must be carefully supervised and guided to ensure the safety of children. When interacting with wild animals, we need to adhere to safety regulations and guidelines to avoid danger.


Despite the controversy, the video also raises questions about our relationship with animals and how we perceive them. While some people see animals as dangerous and unpredictable, others see them as loving and gentle creatures that can be befriended. It is important to remember that animals are living beings that deserve our respect and compassion, and that we should strive to coexist with them in a way that is safe and mutually beneficial.

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